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Hiveminded Episode 004

Oh we rambled here, we rambled there, we rambled pretty much everywhere in this episode! Bec starts us off with thoughts about Gilmore Girls and the reaction of loyal fanbases to reboots. Karen shares thoughts that sprang from conversations with Kathleen Jennings about creativity, the creative process and how different creative people work. Guan pivots from that into talking more about Lisa Cron’s Story Genius and the hacks we sometimes need to use in order to create. We also talk colour theory and gardening, new story ideas and lots more!


1:15: Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls: A year in the life.

2:40: My box set (I mean, did the designer even watch the show?!)

4:32: Gilmore Girls‘ Amy Sherman-Palladino: The Revival Post Mortem Interview You’ve Been Waiting For.

5:05: Gilmore Girls’ final words change everything we believe about Rory and Stars Hollow.

10:18: Sandman Overture.

10:42: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Other things:

AV Club on the new opening sequence.

Lauren Graham Talks Return to Gilmore and Her “Fall” Monologue.

My favourite recaps so far because they don’t shy away from the problems with the reboot, but they don’t hate on it either: AV Club.

More of my own musings on the responses to the reboot.


14:22: Comic Street.

14:54: Kathleen Jennings’s blog (she is the patron saint of our podcast!)

Magic Lessons podcast with Elizabeth Gilbert.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

17:19: Art and Motherhood: The Divided Heart by Rachel Power.

One of the interviews with Rachel Power (and others) where people seem to imply that mothers shouldn’t be engaging in creative work (goes for about 54 minutes).

17:55: My messy desk: it’s a sea of encroaching piles!

18:31: Bullet Journal.

21:58: Plotters vs. pantsers: an exploration by Cindi Myers.

24:31: The source for the Ann Patchett quote:

Over lunch she tells me that she read a Charles Bukowski poem that morning that ends “those who/ succeed/ know/ this secret:/ there isn’t/ one.” It’s stayed with her, perhaps because writing, more than any other art form, is susceptible to “rules”, chief among them being to write every day.

“Don’t you think men are the ones that always say that?” she says. “I’m not sure I’ve heard a woman say you have to write every day. They’re too busy making dinner.”


Film Crit Hulk agrees with Guan that the Force Awakens is a terrible movie.

30:36: The Creative Habit (Twyla Tharp).

31:18: The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron).

32:13: Story Genius (Lisa Cron).

36:49: The Feel of Steel (Helen Garner).

37:46: Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott).

41:58: Rising Strong (Brené Brown).

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