Eternal Life

(Karen Beilharz and Paul Wong-Pan)

June 2014-June 2018

A science fiction original graphic novel about a girl on the run from her past and the boy who ends up taking her in.


(Karen Beilharz, Mike Barry, EmmJ, Peter Fairfax, Kathleen Jennings, Greg Lamrock, René Pfitzner, Nathan Seabolt, Belinda Stead, Jordan Taia, Jemima Trappel, Paul Wong-Pan)

June 2016

An anthology of short comics for children about monsters and fear.

Coarse Play

(Karen Beilharz and René Pfitzner)

September 2014

A short comic that’s a love letter to cosplayers and cons everywhere.

Kinds of Blue

(Karen Beilharz, Mike Barry, Melanie Boreham, Tim Bywater, Fiona Darwin, Dan Gilmore, Jessica Green, Rebecca Jee, Kathleen Jennings, Nancy Malik, Belinda Stead, Jemima Trappel, Guangyao Un and Paul Wong-Pan)

October 2011

An anthology of short comics about depression.