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Hiveminded Episode 003

Hiveminded Episode 003

It’s episode 3—in which we learn that Guan seems to be reading the “best book ever” every week, Bec seems to be only consuming things that are about historical events, and although Karen is a wordsmith, she’s not really a lyrics person.


1:23: Tam Lin by Pamela Dean.

Retrospective on Tam Lin on Tor (some spoilers).

3:43: Class (Doctor Who spinoff).

10:12: Fairy Tale series edited by Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow.

10:40: The Book of Ballads by Charles Vess.


13:43: The Crown.

I’m enjoying the Fug Girls’ recaps: it’s kind of the commentary I imagine I would have if I was watching the show with a friend.

15:25: Victoria: The woman who made the modern world by Julia Baird.

15:33: Queen Elizabeth: A Portrait of the Queen Mother by Penelope Mortimer.

16:06: The Young Victoria.

16:33: The Queen.

17:06: The King’s Speech.

17:21: A Royal Night Out.

17:29: I’m Not There

18:39: I didn’t really “just remember”, I looked it up 😛 (see link above).


19:13: Sia’s website.

21:15: “Breathe Me”, which was used for the finale of Six Feet Under.

24:24: Pitch Perfect 2.

Jessie J: “Flashlight” (3:52 min).

25:28: Music video to “Chandelier” with Maddie Ziegler (3:51 min).

26:14: Sia performs “Chandelier” on The Ellen Show with Maddie Ziegler dancing (4:35 min).

Carpool Karaoke with James Corden and Sia (10:58 min).

27:56: Spotify playlist of Karen’s favourite Sia songs (err… there are 38 and they’re in rough chronological order).

What we’re working on

28:55: Story Genius by Lisa Cron.

29:27: Gathered podcast, companion to

32:05: The Everyday Gratitude Diary.

34:51: Comic Street: Saturday 3 December, 12-6pm, Queen Street Mall stage, Brisbane CBD.

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