The SuperAustralians (Volume 1)


In the land beneath the Southern Cross, a tide of rising danger threatens the nation’s people, no matter what mainland or external territory of Australia they inhabit.

Bizarre, violent attacks against the mind, body and soul of the country are carried out, and disaster might only be prevented if six brave women and six brave men stand fast against the chaos.

So it is that 12 superhumans find themselves squared off against a dozen menaces of sinister motive and prodigious power.

But will the SuperAustralians be able to hold the line—especially when there is an evil intent at work they not even suspect exists?

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Conceived of and edited by Christopher Sequeira and featuring the work of 26 of Australia’s best comic book artists and writers:

  • Amanda Bacchi
  • Marcelo Baez
  • Karen Beilharz
  • Anthony Calvert
  • Gary Chaloner
  • Queenie Chan
  • W Chew Chan
  • Julie Ditrich
  • Jules Faber
  • Jason Franks
  • Michael Gerencir
  • Ian Gould
  • Naomi Hatchman
  • Matt Lin
  • Dr Paul Mason
  • Bruce Mutard
  • Cefn Ridout
  • Simon Robins
  • Cristian Roux
  • Ana Marie Méndez Salgado
  • Jonathon Saunders
  • J Scherpenhuizen
  • Komala Singh
  • Christopher Sequeira
  • Gregory Stewart
  • Adam Yusoff

114 pages. ISBN: 9781925956313.

A production of TFGW Publishing and Black House comics.

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