“Mummy, I’m scared of MONSTERS!”

Are you scared of monsters too?

Is there a monster under your bed, a monster in your closet, or a monster in the corner of your ceiling? (Hang on, that’s just a spider …)

Maybe the monster isn’t really a monster at all; it’s just misunderstood.

Or maybe the monster is YOU.

Prepare to be terrified, provoked, amazed and entertained by these 11 monstrous short comics for children by Karen Beilharz and some of Australia’s best independent comic creators.

“Monsters wouldn’t read this book because they’re too scared of seeing themselves.”
Posy (age 4)

“I’m the Lightning Fang!!! My hugs are shocking.”
Seth (age 8)

“Can I read it again?”
Aria (age 5)

Contributors: Karen Beilharz, Mike Barry, EmmJ, Peter Fairfax, Kathleen Jennings, Greg Lamrock, René Pfitzner, Nathan Seabolt, Belinda Stead, Jordan Taia, Jemima Trappel, Paul Wong-Pan.

ISBN: 9780987187826. 76 pages. First published June 2016.

Shortlisted for the 2017 Ledger Awards (for excellence in Australian comics).